Are you ready to laugh?

Are you ready to see magic?

Are you ready to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle?

Get ready because Mr. Barry and Sam the Turtle are ready to bring the educational fun to your audience.


Your students or fair attendees will learn a variety of ways to reduce the amount of garbage we create, reuse many of the items we usually throw away, and recycle our trash into new treasures.  All the examples are taught through; magic, storytelling, visual examples, and a special appearance by Sam the Trash Talking Turtle.  (Sam’s a puppet but he doesn’t want to admit it!)


Who is Barry Mitchell?

Barry has been a professional entertainer and encourager for over three decades. Thousands of audiences have laughed with Barry from coast to coast.  From the streets of the New Orleans French Quarter to the conventions of Las Vegas, from the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood to the Magic Circle in London, his career has taken him to Denmark, Australia, England and the Bahamas.  No matter where you live, he WILL KEEP YOU LAUGHING!


Who is Sam the Turtle?

Sam thinks he’s the Star of the show and he could be right.  Barry likes to say he’s the reason people enjoy the show but Sam knows the truth.  Sam has been a part of the cast for several years and is loved by both children and adults.  Some suspect that Sam is a puppet and Barry must be a ventriloquist.  Sam says, “Barry is certainly not a ventriloquist . . . HIS LIPS MOVE!”  Sam loves to encourage the kids to continue to reduce, reuse, recycle, and be responsible with our trash.

Magical Newspaper Recycling

Sam the Turtle talking Trash

Examples of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Responsible

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